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NYC Day Four

Our last day in New York was IndieCade day!  It was also the coldest, rainiest day of all.  I wore my Pac Man print skater dress, space leggings, and the space print scarf I'd bought at The Enterprise gift shop.  Brian had been quietly tweaking and touching up his video game in the hotel room in all spare moments to prepare to take part in the Show and Tell portion of this national independent games conference.

It took place in the Museum of the Moving Image in Astoria.  We had detailed subway and bus directions, but at the last second, Brian feared we wouldn't make it in time due to the bus running only every hour.  So we hailed a cab.

Well, one must ride a cab at least once when in New York, right?

Turns out there was a huge bicycle event that day - roads were blocked off and fleets of brightly-clad cyclists sailed alongside us as we crossed the Queensboro Bridge.

The cab dropped us at 35th Street and 37th Avenue instead of 35th Avenue and 37th Street -- or maybe it was the other way around. Dude, who designed the street naming convention for Astoria? It sucks!  AHEM.  After a few blocks of wandering in the rain, we found the event site, only to find it closed!  We circled the building and finally found people going in a staff entrance. Young, gamer-y people. So I pulled a reluctant Brian through the door and explained our situation to the security lady, who led us to the room Brian would be setting up in.  We were the first people there who weren't organizers, so I helped set up tables and chairs while Brian unpacked his laptop.

Shout out to the Cleveland Game Developers! Brian was so anxious to get his CGD t-shirt before this trip.

Indiecade was kind of a big deal! There was a hall full of stand-up arcades with independent games on them and a hall full of interactive and unusual interface games. I played a  game whose interface was a DJ's mixing board and another whose interface was a giant beach ball hanging from the ceiling.  Another game had you pose to match a random two-dimensional shape and scored you on how well you filled the shape without being outside of it.  I was a tree, a stack of bowls, and zig-zagging legos.  (It also took your photo as you posed so you could see how silly you looked after.)

And the Museum of the Moving Image was a Steampunk utopia. I had no trouble filling the hours on my own, watching videos about the first moving pictures (made for science not entertainment!) and admiring all the old equipment and the exhibit on designing 2001: A Space Odessy and other science fictiony tidbits.

This is a camera. A movie camera. Can you believe that?

Over all, this was a science fiction vacation.  Start to finish.  After a delicious late lunch in Astoria ( Tacuba.  Mexican place.  SO GOOD. Guac. Breakfast burrito.  French toast with bananas and dulce de leche. The last meal of the trip was the best!  Some foodies we are, though, didn't take a photo) we took the subway back to Manhattan and claimed our luggage from the storage robot at Yotel. (Yes. The robot. They call him Yobot. Sadly, pic did not seem to come out.)

Our 8-ride Metro Cards lasted exactly to the airport, where we relaxed and ate chocolate after an easy trip through security.

Oh, then our flight was delayed an hour, then it failed to take off and we had to deplane and wait and we ended up getting home really late buuuuut still it wasn't bad. I had chocolate, after all, and Angus' cookies and my mini bottle of whiskey. So we didn't really miss a sit-down dinner.


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