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WisCon 40!

So I just logged into Livejournal to post about random stuff and found this unposted draft. er... oops? Guess I've not blogged since before WisCon.


Friday morning, May 27th, at 7am, Brian dropped me off at the Stephanie Tubbs Jones transit center downtown to catch the Megabus.
This was my first Megabus experience and I was a little nervous, though many friends had sung its praises.

I got a lovely seat on the upper deck and my row-mate was a charming, quiet young woman. We got on great!

Despite not sleeping much the night before, I didn't drop off but sat up, knitting. I finished an owl hat to give to my friend Gabby at the con.

I'd packed some snacks, but I ended up not eating them.  We paused at a rest stop near Toledo and I just wandered around, admiring.  I had plans to eat a hot dog in Chicago.

It started raining as soon we approached the Skyway bridge and I panicked a bit, knowing I'd have to walk two blocks to pick up the next bus.  But it was in front of Union Terminal so I thought: Well, I can see that!

I'd worn my vintage crinoline and my yellow Bernie Dexter dress, white gloves and a flat satin hat with demi-veil. I was so relieved to walk into the old train station and finally be dressed appropriately for my environs!

There were signs for a food court 'on the Mezzanine level' but I couldn't figure out how to get there. I went up and down several staircases and kept finding "employees only" signs.

Eventually I figured out there was another entrance across the street, a newer entrance in modern archetecture.  The food court was cramped, but there was, indeed, a hot dog stand and I got an official Chicago Style hot dog. It was ENORMOUS with neon green relish.  I didn't think I could finish it, but I DID.

Then I bought some toffee cashews at the nut stand and wandered around, looking for where the megabus would pick me up. The bus ended up being quite late, so it was good that I took forever finding the correct spot, which turned out to be the first spot I thought it would be.

I didn't get all that rained on, even, but I began to worry, as the bus creeped into rush-hour traffic at 5pm, if I would ever get to WisCon!  The bus stopped in a random small town - Rockford? Something like that - and the driver announced he was over hours and we would have to wait for a replacement driver.

There was nothing at the bus stop but a vending machine and a restroom. It was a tedious wait.

Worth it when we got to Madison! The town was so adorable!  The road we took was little more than an isthmus and the town spread out before me in glorious sunset over water, the capitol dome very prominant and lending a grecian feel to the scene.  The bus let me off in front of an art museum and I eagerly picked up my printed map and started walking! College campus! All around me! Quadrangles and sidewalks and skateboarders and the weather was lovely!

I got a little lost, but didn't mind. I stopped in an ice cream store and got a cone of "Exhausted Parent" - espresso, rum, and chocolate.  YUM.  As I licked, I got a text from my clarionmate, Kodiak, saying she and clarionmate Brandie were at a restaurant at the intersection of such a street and another... turned out to be one block from me!  I didn't have to worry about figuring out where the hotel was anymore!

I dropped into a seat with them in their restaurant and we lived happily ever after.
Well okay I mean we talked a lot and then went to the hotel to catch a panel on genre boundaries.  It was awesome.  I was seeing my clarion!  We ran into others at the panel.  I was feeling a wee bit panicked - did peopel really want to hang out with me? Was a third wheel? Okay, eigth wheel?  I wandered to the hotel bar and found Christian! With delightful companions. We argued about movies. Then Christian showed me to Patrick and Isa and Alyssa's room.  Patrick immediately gifted me a bottle of bourbon.  We drank it in paper cups with coca cola and talked about all the drama in our lives and how much we loved and missed each other.  I got such hugs from Isa. I missed my tiny bonesaws! I just had to find Gabby, with whom I was rooming.  And I did! And I gave her the hat I'd made and she LOVED IT.

I don't know when I retired for the night, but I woke up around 7:30am fully clothed, having clearly just stepped out of my shoes on my way to the bed.  My frist thought was "Oh good, I can make an 8am panel!"

The 8am Saturday panel I chose was "Sex with Robots" and it was VERY VERY worth it.

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I love that you wore a hat and gloves to travel.

It sounds fun (mostly). Looking forward to hearing about the panels.

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