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So yeah, since my older sister and niece have moved in with me, my world revolves at least 80% around being an auntie.  I'm loving it, though it is stressful at times and there are days when all I want is to get away to somewhere I can talk to adults and not have to be 'on'.

I get the parent thing a bit better now, is what I'm saying.

Super anxious about her schooling.  Hyper aware of her body image and confidence problems and also sure I am just making things worse every time I open my mouth....
We're watching Buffy together. (Season 2 Episode 6 last night. Halloween! The introduction of Ethan Rain. Giles so smoulderingly bad! SQUEE!)
Ahem. Jennifer says, "I wasn't sure I'd like it at first because it's so old, but it really has a unique look.  I like the old-time-y clothes."

I died a little. But the point is: She likes it! And we're going to dress as Buffy and Drusilla for halloween. I already have a white regency gown. I'll just pull my bangs back and pop in some fangs! :) Maybe carry one of my china dolls, or make a Spike puppet to carry.  Though Jen says Brian has to dress as Spike if I'm Drusilla.  He's 50% willing, but no hair dye.
Perhaps I can find a short blonde wig?

I adore Halloween and it's been three years since I was healthy enough to enjoy it!

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"Halloween" is absolutely the BEST episode to watch with the young 'uns. You are being a very good Auntie, indeed. You don't give an age, but she sounds very mature, so I'm guessing tween? I think BtVS is best introduced at 10-yrs-old or so. Carry on!

She just turned 12 and she's adorable.
Except for liking Bangel. Oh dear oh dear.

I hope she continues to enjoy it.

Wait. What am I saying? Why would she not? What's not to enjoy?

How is she on the Angel question? I've often wondered if young people might regard the character differently now, in this post-Twilight era

She has, rather, declared Buffy/Angel "A better love story than Twilight" though she is quite frustrated with "Xillow" which is her OTP.

Saddly, she has been squee'ing "Bangel!" since Angel's introduction and loudly demanding "Kiss already!" whenever they are on scene together.
(I counter that Cordelia is way better for him and get "EEEW!" in response.)

*sigh* Early seasons.
On a positive note, she looked at me and said, "Spangel?" the second Spike was introduced. So there's hope.

On a positive note, she looked at me and said, "Spangel?" the second Spike was introduced. So there's hope.

She's obviously a very intelligent young lady. :)

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