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Alphabetic Dating
So Brian and I have been doing this thing for a couple years where we have been going to random restaurants in alphabetical order. Tonight was L.
The rule is: each date has to be a new restaurant at least one of us has never been to, and it can't be a chain.  So far we've done:

Budapest Cafe
Cafe 56 - we didn't know it was a chain. oops.
Heights Soul Food
Indian Flame
Jolly Scholar (no joke Brian had never been - besides I'd only ever had apps.)
Latitude 41n

Latitude 41n was AWESOME. It was the Clevelandiest restaurant ever. I mean it. You walk in and the atmosphere is 50% yoru parent's corner bar 50% trendy.  The prices are low the portions are huge and everything is delicious.  Full bar.  I strongly recommend the bloody mary.

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Standard american fare? Where is it? :)

Yes, standard american fare, with some foodie flare. They have pizza and Italian dishes plus quesadillas and your standard pub foods. The house specialty is the "Latitude Attitude" which is a calzone with sandwich fixings. We had steak and gouda. The standard chopped salad was delicious, with egg and cheese and just dripping in dressing.
Not really a diety place. ;)
It's on Detroit Ave. around West 50th. It's just past Minh Anh and just before Spice / Gordon Square proper.

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