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Female Chauvinist Movie Review: Rogue One

Man-Candy: 2
Feminismishness: 2
Hurt-the-Pretty: 4
K-2SO Bonus Points: 1000

Man Candy: Diego Luna and Donnie Yen are both extremely pretty, but damn if they can't seem to get their shirts off.

Director Krennic is NO General Hux, alas.  Oh, Hux. You are my One True Starwars Hatelove.

Feminismishness: MOAR MON MOTHMA.  She was barely in this thing.  I fear, once again, it's a case of "Heroic Female Leaders Cannot Have Any Flaws Because the Bar for Female Behavior Is So High You Have to be a SAINT Not to be a Bitch" which translates to "Heroic Female Leaders are Dull".

I had heard promising rumors of right-wing whinging about the diverse cast, but instead i found ONE female in the entire universe, practically, or at least the standard "Only one woman can be on screen at a time" surrounded by lots and lots and lots of white men. Like a squad of them for every token. I admit, they did a good job diversity-wise compared to other Star Wars, but Could Be Better.

SO HAPPY to see an older woman pilot in the big space battle, tho. And again, no big deal made of it. Think The Force Awakens did a better job of just peppering women into the background in near-representative quantities, tho.

Hurt the Pretty: Spoiler Free Review: BODIES HIT THE FLOOR.  Diego and Donnie both suffer very prettily. Though, sadly, very fully-clothed-ly.

Finally, K-2SO is currently my favorite character of any type, ever.  I love robots, you know, and he's just... yeah, he's like Marvin the Paranoid Android had a love-child with C-3PO who was scarred by such passive agressive parenting to the point where he was left politely psychotic.


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