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NYC Day Two
So, the first thing I did after waking up was check out the continental breakfast. Turned out to be just tea, coffee, and muffins. The muffins were good, though - very moist.

Then I went off to get my nails done! We'd passed a nail salon the night before and I'd asked to make an appointment, but they said none was necessary and that they open at 10:30.

I was stupid early. So I walked around the neighborhood. I was wearing my Opera Shoes. Open toes. You see.  Heels, too.  I considered this practice for if I would make the one-mile walk to Lincoln Center.  I even did, like, .07 miles on the treadmill in the hotel gym.  Feet felt pretty good, actually.  Then I found a little corner grocery that had Tiramisu in little cups. Had to get that for Brian.

Brian hates eating before noon, but he indulged me in splitting the Tiramisu because, well, Tiramisu!

At last it was 10:30. I was the first person in the salon and I sat down to get my first-ever gel pedicure!  I picked silver sparkly polish to match my shoes.  The pedicure and manicure were very nice, and accompanied by massage and cost slightly less than they would at home! Oh, NYC, you cray!  $4 cokes and $40 pedicures.

I came back to the hotel room, showed off my nails, changed into more comfortable shoes, and we were off for the Intrepid!

The Intrepid is a WWII aircraft carrier which was docked as a museum not far from our hotel. It was, like, four blocks walk.

The scale of an aircraft carrier is wack. I had to keep reminding myself I was on a ship, not in a building, and even then, I didn't quite buy it.

On the deck of the Intrepid was: The Enterprise! The first space shuttle ever built, it never left Earth's atmosphere, being used for tests and training.  Still: SPACESHIP. I got to touch a spaceship.  I was in tears for most of the time we toured the exhibit, and we took so long they lost our souvenier photo from entrance. What? You weren't supposed to spend three hours marvelling at this??

It was cold and damp out - like 50 degrees. We got a ride on the Intrepid's aircraft elevator, which was fun, and then forewent touring the nuclear sub (there was a huge line).  Brian had a hot dog. With saurkraut. I realized I had not tasted saurkraut since contracting crohn's disease some 15 years ago.

Damn that was tasty. Hot and savory on a cold day.

We celebrated the awesomeness of our experience with a deep and heavy pre-opera nap.

Mmm Yotel. We loves you and your pillows.

After a few bleary "is it time? No? No.  Five more minutes. One more minute?"
It was time to dress for the Opera!

We planned on walking. People be like "Dude, you walked a mile in five inch platform heels and a ball gown? In the rain?" But honestly, Brian and I are pretty car-independent. We don't even think about calling a cab if we aren't going more than 10 miles.

So, yeah. We walked.  The shoes generally did okay, except after about five blocks I discovered an annoying tendency for my toes to slide out the front.  Annoying.  I had to stop now and then to scrunch my feet back into the shoes.  And then it started to rain.  I was afraid for the safety of my fur wrap, borrowed from my friend Liz.  Brian agreed to hold it under his coat, though this left me cold.  He insisted we stop at a CVS and buy an umbrella.

That was a good idea.  The umbrella was worth it as the rain came harder and harder as the night progressed.

At last, we were there! We saw crowds of well-dressed people.  The Lincoln Center!  The Opera!


Okay okay... so there was this press toward the theatre so I pulled Brian aside to admire the art gallery first.  Then we dawdled by the bar, and I considered buying champaign, before finding our seats.

We were in the sixth row, center.  We were close enough there were times I wanted the grey-haired guy with a baton to stop blocking my view.

The opera was incredible. Those sets! That singing! Those costumes! That... everything else.  La Bohemme. It was all it was cracked up to be.  Mostly the sets. I couldn't get over the sets.

I'ma mention, for bragging purposes, that I'm not wearing any foundation or blush. Just lipstick, eyeliner, eyeshadow, and mascara. That's how I roll, make-up wise.

At intermission we took pics. Check me out.

No, seriously, check me out.

I was completely refreshed by the time it was time to walk back to the hotel.  We decided to hit a random restaurant for dinner on our way, and eneded up at Crispin's Wine Bar. I adored my truffle oil and mushroom bruscetta.  Brian adored his Caprese salad.  We both picked at the orchetti pasta and declared it "okay." But after devouring the 'apetizers' we had no room for a main course.

We did, however, have room for dessert, and the creme brulee with chocolate sauce was, in fact, AMAZING. Amazeballs, even.

I didn't want the evening to end, but it /was/ past midnight when we got back to the hotel, so after a nice hot shower, I consented to sleep like a drunken baby.

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NYC Day One

Time for a mini vacation! And time for me to post too much about it. :D

Thursday, April 28th, we landed in New York at 3pm.  Peaceful flight.  I brought Girl Scout cookies and whiskey. (May I say the Samoas and Maker's Mark pairing works.)

We found metro cards and the bus stop and skillfully navigated our way to our hotel. OMG our hotel.
Yotel: New York.

The hotel was a short walk from the Subway and it was gorgeous and ultra modern with a luggage storage robot in the lobby and music from Star Wars in the elevators.  Instalove.  The bed was comfy, too, which is a priority for us.

With no plans for the first night, we wandered off to explore and found ourselves pretty much ON Times Square, so we shopped, people-watched, and took in this Star Wars exhibit at "Discovery Center".  It was very cool to see R2-D2 in the flesh and all the blasters and light saber handles! Loved that. Also amazed at the textures you can't see on the big screen in costumes like Obi-Wan's raw silk kimono and Rey's fine gauze desert dress.

I fangirled quite a bit, and was sorely tempted by the gift shop, particularly by the Storm Trooper clutch purse.

I then dragged Brian to the Hershey store, because I knew I could get a Giant Reese Cup there.  It was... like... SO BIG. One half pound each cup so like a hamburger of chocolate and peanut butter.

Jealous of my own past self. I want another one.

Foot-traffic in Times Square was set to "Moooo" and I got quite annoyed at people pushing and shoving their way through a crowd that was, really, not just standing around for no reason, yo.

For dinner we... I forgot. Was that Pony Bar night? OMG weekend so blurry!  Yes. Pony Bar. We went wandering looking for food in our neighborhood and found a place called PONY BAR.  (My nickname on the football team is Pony. I was excited.) Fabulous Cuban sandwich. Fabulous deep fried pickle nuggets. Fabulous micro-brew. Five out of five Pony Stars.

My glass says "PONY" on it and I didn't steal it. I'm so virtuous.

So that's about it for our first half-day of the weekend jaunt to NYC. We retired to our fabulous hotel 'cabin' for The Daily Show and Nightly Show and planning for the next day.

Continued in NYC Day Two >>


Life is pretty darn good. (I do have to keep repeating that to myself.)

Brian and I leave for New York City tomorrow morning! We have an action-packed extended weekend planned, with museums, the opera, and our first Roller Coaster of the year: the iconic Cyclone at Luna Park! EEE! Can't wait.

My bluebells have once again bloomed despite my negligence and the fitful Ohio weather. (See user photo. Bluebell.)

Also some random strangers spent a good fifteen minutes talking about my story on this podcast:

I'm flattered I'm on anyone's radar, really... though I was anxious to listen to this, knowing how autobiographical the story is.

Anyway, I found the podcast interesting and will likely listen to more of theirs in the future while I anxiously wonder if I will ever, ever sell another story again.

I vlogged!
Yeah, so I recently decided to try my hand at vlogging. I discovered that it is totes easy.

We so broke

So, I celebrated the end of lent by spending $200 on dresses.

See, I'd given up impulse buys for lent, so I thought I deserved it. :D

(I am not religious at all, but I feel that if you enjoy a feast, you should pay for it with a fast, so my purely comercial Christmas impells me to give up something for lent. Likewise, if I go to a Sedar, I have to give up levened bread for Passover.)

Then I went to the art museum and I decided that, gosh darn it, I was going to GO WILD. I parked in the expensive garage. I wore my nicest clothes. And makeup! And I ate in the cafe! And I didn't worry about how much I could eat or if it was healthy. I got a bottle of wine, chocolate cake and a cheeseburger!  Decadance! Deliciousness!

Then I bought jewelry in the gift shop. I just did whatever I wanted and pretended I had more money than I could ever spend.

Damn that felt good.

Damn we are soooo broke now.  Still don't regret my wild day in the museum. Those earrings are awesome. But... yeah. Things are tight now, and we're going to NYC for the last weekend of the month. Hopefully payday comes before we fly? Brian and I are both paid at the end of the month now. And last month was a little tight because he had just started his new job and only got paid half the month, so hopefully May will be... more solvent.

Still, I really wish I'd sell another story... soon.

Workin’ out
So, now that I'm cleared to work out again, I guess it'd be good to start working out again!
Heh. Amazing how hard it wasn't to get used to being a sloth.

I've decided my main goal is to learn to be a fast runner. I've never been good at running, and running is something I can do without endangering my oh-so-delicate middle.

So, yeah. I've seen some websites with workouts for running, and advice and all that.  I need to come up with a nice way to track my progress without using an app since I have no Smart Device. If only my watch weren't broken! boo.

I think I'll just... make a google spreadsheet, and set myself a schedule to try to run, say, three times a week.  I can start with intervals, just around the block.  Can you tell I'm thinking about this as I type? :D

I /might/ just bike to work on Thursday. It'll be chilly, but it's the annual "Tune Up" put on by the CWRU cycling club.  So I'll want to bring my bike in anyway.  Brian is afraid I won't be able to make it home. I'm afraid I'll be late to see "The Last Dragon" at Capitol Theatre.

Hills... hills are good for increasing your run speed. I should do some up and down hills. Yeah, my commute made me think of that. Maybe I'll run up the big hill. Maybe. I might not make it. I am a complete wuss right now.

Hospital, again.
Yup. I ended up in the hospital again. This time they ran so many tests I feel all pulled apart.  Two colonoscopies in two days. I would not wish that on anyone.

At one point they thought perhaps my problem was with my bile ducts in my liver.

"No! No! Please, take all the intestine you want, but save me my liver! I use that!" I cried, silently, as I wondered if they'd be able to see just how much of a drunkard I am while they were poking around.

After endoscopy, they found my liver was just fine. Then they sort of gave up and sent me home, though still in pain.  I was quite cross with them at the time, but it seems to have been the right decision because my pain has gradually decreased ever since and I'm feeling normal, if weak, today.

Seriously, body, WTF?  


I'm going to share this because, well, I gotta share it. But it's probably TMI, so if you are squeemish about Woman Things(TM) Do not read past the cut.

So... my period...Collapse )

Rainy Monday

It's a rainy Monday and I've gotten rejection letters so I feel pretty much like I am a worthless waste of human flesh.

How y'all?

Anyway, Sunday I ran out shopping on my own and I felt sad because I wanted a friend to share the experience with, but the only person I could think to call was my sister, who was not at home.

"I have more friends," I said. "Surely I have more friends.  I should really program their numbers into my phone.  Then I'd know who to call."

Therefore, I am making a self-serving call out to my friends; IF you live in the Cleveland area AND you'd be up for unplanned outtings of the Friendly kind, let me know, okay?

2015 in Review

The Submission Grinder tells me I sold 5 stories in 2015 for a grand total of $949.  This is the most I've made on writing fiction in a year - and makes me wonder if I'm being a total wuss about the whole "2015 sucked" complaints.

The complaints: Lost about 65 pounds, had three hospital stays for two weeks-ish each and was in bad pain for about, oh, half the year.  But it's turning a corner I hope. For real, this time. I was mostly pain-free in September and thought I was finally doing well, only to fall ill again in October, but... well, I've not taken any medication yet in 2016. Go me!

Thanks to the no-medication thing, I've done two things today I haven't done since October: I drove the car and had a shot of whisky. Horray for not having to heed perscription labels!

In 2015, thanks to being nearly incapacitated for half the year, I read over 100 books.  I didn't write much - I feel like there'll be some lag on the publication I'll have to endure now.  None of the stories published in 2015 were written in 2015, you see. They were all 2014 writing or earlier.  So... yeah.  I need to get back on the old horse and start pumping stuff out and submitting it to markets.  I submitted stories to markets 88 times in 2015, according to Grinder, again.  I have two stories that have been 'pending' since before the end of the year, and other than that... nothing 'out' right now since I've been lazy and also somewhat discouraged.

Last year's resolutions were to put up shelves in my bedroom - DONE! Clean the sewing room - er, I actually got it half-cleared but then we had to move everything out of the attic for the insulation, so that's a no-fault pending. I even worked on it a tiny bit at a time while recovering.  Third resolution... did I have a third one? Oh, right, that was to turn the 'write every day' goal green in "Habitrpg" which has been re-named "Habitica" - I did do that, but it's red again - haven't been writing. boo me.  Actually, I did write today - there, checked it off. (It's a gamify your habits website where you input what you want to do every day and they reward you for consistant habits with experience points, gold, and the habit turning from red to green to blue and becoming worth more points.)

So I did pretty good on the resolutions last year, considering.

This year's resolutions:

DO NOT go to the hospital.
DO NOT lose any weight.
DO get strong again.

Last year in January, I was going to football practices and complaining about how late they were.  You never know what you're going to miss!


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