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National Poetry Month
Hi darlings. Once again I'm going to be posting a poem-a-day for National Poetry Month.

bwa ha ha ha haaaaaa. SUCKERS.

Ahem... I mean... yay?

Obviously, if I'm composing a poem a day right here in my web browser, well, they are not all going to be all that good. Or good. At all, I mean. But there you go. You have been warned.

Today I thought I'd write something about beginnings and endings. (Yes, that was the poem-a-day prompt at writer's market's webpage.)


I'm living a black vinyl record
And you gave me a scratch.
Every year I hit your chord.
What's past is future is passed.
It's an unwanted time travel catch.
At least we're spiraling inward -
Your impact fades with each pass.
Time is all travel and life is scored
With tragedies lost and dispatched
And all the things we forget to record -
What's passed is future is past.

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That's really beautiful; you are so masterful with your poetry my love! *mwah!*

aaaaw. *blush* *toe dig*


...could use three more lines, though!

Thanks, Geoff. I based the length and rhyme scheme on a particular roundel. You think it'd be better a little longer? I'm wondering about the rhythm, myself... it doesn't really have one right now and I think that might build on the image of a record spinning.

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