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So, on April 23, just before we went to NYC, my older sister and my niece moved in with me.

I find I'm stressing out about being a good aunt. Is Jennifer getting enough cultural and educational stimulation? Will she finish her school work before the end of the school year? (This week! EEK!  She has seven math lessons to complete and a standardized test by Friday.  She's "home schooled" through an online program.)

This weekend the local NASA station had its annual open house. I so wanted to go.  I got up early and dressed in my space shuttle skirt.  It was 1pm before we got the whole family on the road, though, and we discovered when we got to Berea that the NASA open house is about as popular as DISNEYLAND.  Two solid hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic going into the parking lot.  We finally got a parking spot, I ran through the checkpoint and into line for the shuttle bus.  The bus was bording and I looked back. John was behind me, looking back at the checkpoint. I ran back. "What's the hold up?"

"Jennifer and Terrisa can't get through."

Sure enough - you needed a valid ID to enter NASA as it is a government facility.  Terri hadn't brought her purse.  I wanted to cry.  It was now 4pm and everything we could have gone to instead was closing.  My first thought was the Science Center. Then Brian suggested Lakeview Cemetery (It really is a great place to visit.)  Who ever heard of a Cemetery closing at 5:30??

As we passed East 30th I remembered the Cleveland Asian Festival was this weekend, at Asia Plaza.  A quick left and another, and I was parked one block from the fun!  Day: saved.

We got egg rolls and saw all the cute Totoros and we watched dancers and a beautiful harp solo and martial artists and ran into friends.  And since we were right next to Good Harvest, we were able to pick up a big bottle of Maggi and Brian's favorite Vietnamese sausage.   I hope the Asian grocery was a bit of a cultural/educational experence, even if it wasn't NASA.

We're so broke.

I hope I'm a good aunt.

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Sounds like you are an awesome aunt. :)

ETA: Are there any telescopes near Cleveland that have public viewing days/times? Not as cool as NASA (potentially more boring), but still space related.

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