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Breasie: A Fanfiction by Nae Nae

This was a gift I got on Xmas from my niece! She likes to write fanfic and she said she "ships" me and my hubby Brian. She calls us "Breezy" for Brian / Reasie.
Breasie <3

A fanfiction by Nae Nae

Copyright - Story: I made the story. However, now Reasie owns it as a gift.
Copyright - Characters: Reasie owns Brian.

Marie tapped the keys of her gray Mac.  She was currently editing and revising her novel. She halted in typing, trying to figure out how to phrase the next sentence. She sighed and pushed her bangs back.
"I don't feel like writing today," she let out a whine.
Brian walked down teh stairs holding the laundry while humming. Apparently, Brian had heard her.
"You have to finish your word count today, Reasie," Brian said. Marie sighed. She suddenly got a thought.
"Brian! Let's go to the coffee shop.  You can work on your game and I'll write," Reasie suggested.  Brian nodded. "Okay."

*Time Skip*

Now at the coffee shop, Marie and Brian were both on their laptops working. Reasie sipped her hot chocolate and pressed on teh keys of her laptop. Brian, who was listening to Taylor Swift through headphones, was determined to get some work doe on the sound of his game.  As Brian hummed, Reasie was actually doing well on her writing. She had edited quite a lot since they got to the coffee shop.

*Another time skip because I am lazy*

Reasie was sitting on the cream colored couch. Sh ewas playing on her laptop while the cat was on her lap purring. Marie was slightly annoyed at the little furball. "I just wanna play mindless games, you cat," Reasie grumbled.

"Brriiiiiaan," Reasie said.

"Yeah?" Brian responded from teh dining room.

"I'm bored," Reasie complained.

"Deep Space Nine!" Brian responded, quite quickly.

"Okay!" Reasie said.

Marie and Brian cuddled up on the cream colored couch together and put on the Star Trek spin off series, Deep Space Nine. Brian hugged Reasie and rubbed her belly.  Reasie, who was absorbed in the show, sipped her chai without looking away from the screen.

At the end of the episode, Reasie looked over at Brian.

"Brian?" Reasie said.
Brian looks at her.
"I love yoU!" Reasie got closer to Brian and devoured his entire neck. Brian let out a "meow".

Then, out of nowhere, a certain nosy 12 year old fabulous girl popped up next to them.

"Reasie hungry girl!"

The end

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That is exceptionally cute.

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